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Electric bicycle Linus MX600PRO - Elegance and Power in Every Tramp

Electric bicycle Linus MX600PRO - Elegance and Power in Every Tramp

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Discover the Linus MX600PRO - Your Perfect Travel Companion for Adventures on Two Wheels!

The Linus MX600PRO is not just an electric bike, it is your invitation to unforgettable cycling adventures and total freedom. With a sturdy 6061 aluminum frame and 27.5-inch wheels, this electric bike takes your cycling experience to whole new heights. Choose your favorite color from the Black-Grey/Black-Orange options and give every bike ride a personal touch.

A bike that feels at home

Built with care and durability in mind, the strong 6061 aluminum frame provides not only stability but also a smooth and comfortable ride. The oil-damped front fork makes every ride smooth, even over the roughest terrain.

Switching Adapted to Your Mood

Explore varied terrain with confidence, thanks to the adaptable Shimano 7-speed system. Shimano M315 shifter and Shimano TZ20-7 rear derailleur provide a natural and precise transition between gears.

Drive to be reckoned with

The Linus MX600PRO gives you a powerful riding experience with Prowheel aluminum cranks and SUNSHINE freewheel. And when it's time to slow down, you can rely on DYISLAND's hydraulic disc brakes for a safe and controlled stop.

Electric bike for longer adventures

The Linus MX600PRO is more than just an ordinary bike - it's also your key to longer adventures. With an impressive 48V 20AH Samsung lithium battery and a rear-wheel drive 500W brushless motor, you can enjoy up to 150 km in assist mode and 60-70 km in pure e-bike mode.

Technologically Advanced and User Friendly

The advanced l-drives 48V18A vector controller gives you intelligent control and efficient energy management. The colorful LCD meter gives you all the important information, from speed to battery level, and is also water resistant for all weather conditions.

For Every Cyclist

Whether you are an experienced cyclist who loves new challenges or a beginner who wants to explore the world of cycling, the Linus MX600PRO will be your faithful companion. With a maximum speed of 35-40 km/h and the ability to handle steep inclines, this electric bike is ready to take you on exciting adventures.

Get Your MX600PRO Today - Experience the Joy of Cycling!

Let every pedal stroke become a snapshot of freedom and pleasure. Buy your MX600PRO today and embark on the adventure you deserve!

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