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Citycoco ROS - M2 - 3000W MOTOR - MAX 45/H

Citycoco ROS - M2 - 3000W MOTOR - MAX 45/H

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With this modern eco-friendly Citycoco ROS - M2 you can roll on the roads with style and elegance a guaranteed unforgettable one driving experience. The electric moped/electric scooter is really cool and has all the features an electric scooter could possibly need. In a simple way, you operate the brake and speed via the handlebars with three different levels of speed restrictions. You can monitor these through a large LCD screen that shows the speedometer, trip meter and battery status. The electric scooter is equipped with blinkers, rearview mirrors, horn, alarm and lighting. It also has two comfortable seats where the passenger can take a seat with footrests (max. weight 200 kg).  

Note. The hand brakes are in black color and the new color of the seat is in light brown color, slightly different from the brown color you see on the red electric scooter.


Intelligent waterproof color LCD screen  showing charge indicator, speedometer, odometer, trip meter, gear level and more.

Citycoco ROS - M2 - 3000W MOTOR - MAX 45/H


Safe and powerful braking system allows you to accelerate without worry.
Hydraulic brakes make it evenly loaded, reduce friction, brake more efficiently and reduce the risk of brake system failure.

Citycoco ROS - M2 - 3000W MOTOR - MAX 45/H


Electric scooter "Citycoco" with lights and indicators. The tail light comes on when the power is on and gets brighter when the brakes are applied.

Citycoco ROS - M2 - 3000W MOTOR - MAX 45/H


The wide, soft seat supports two people. It is so comfortable that they don't even feel tired at the end of their journey. 

Citycoco ROS - M2 - 3000W MOTOR - MAX 45/H


These lightweight yet durable metal combinations give you better matching options when it comes to deciding which tire size works best with them because these hubs not only look great but also provide excellent performance in all types of terrain!

Citycoco ROS - M2 - 3000W MOTOR - MAX 45/H


With the help of tubeless tires, you can significantly reduce the risk of a puncture. They are designed with wider and thicker beads so they don't burst when inflated to high pressure which also protects against rim damage! The average tire lasts up to 10,000 km before it needs to be replaced.

Citycoco ROS - M2 - 3000W MOTOR - MAX 45/H

All parts are available to buy from us if needed.

Citycoco ROS - M2 - 3000W MOTOR - MAX 45/H



  • Battery: 60V/40AH lithium battery (2400 WH), mileage 80 to 100 km depends on the speed. Removable and lockable battery which enables charging indoors.

  • Motor: 3000W Brushless DC gear motor with 186 NM max motor torque, with a max. speed 45 km/h.

  • Three gear levels as standard: The speed can be lowered or raised by changing the speed limit setting.

  • Charger: 67.2V~5A fast charger, fully charged for 4-6 hours.

  • Display: Engine-like LCD with charge indicator, speedometer, odometer, trip meter, throttle level and more.

  • Lights: Front Oversized headlight with Rear turn signal: Integrated taillight on screen with brake light and direction indicator.

  • Kick stand: Electrically switched off when lowering the kick stand.

  • Tires: Straight grain tubeless tires; front: W-165mm T-45mm; rear: W-215mm T-40MM.

  • Brakes: Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes.

  • Frame Seamless iron alloy tube.

  • Suspension: Front: Hydraulic shock absorber Rear: Shock absorber in spring steel.

  • Saddle: Synthetic leather seat for two.

  • Footrest: Foldable.

  • Slope capability: can handle slopes up to 30 degrees.

  • Net weight: 72 kg Gross: 82 kg.

  • Maximum load 200 kg.

  • Equipped with blinkers, rearview mirrors, horn.

  • Built-in alarm


The electric moped is fully legal to drive on public roads if it is registered as moped class 1.

The moped receives a COC and an EEC certificate.


Requirements for moped class 1 (from

  • Driver's license requirement: Yes (or older driver's license) Driver's license requirement means either a driver's license for a car, or driver's license class AM

  • Registration plate: Yes (we will be happy to register it for you, see more details below)

  • Control Inspection: No

  • Vehicle Tax: No

  • Motor Insurance: Yes

  • Speed requirements:  Design speed not more than 45 km/h

  • Helmet Requirement: Yes

  • Passenger: One, if there is designated and registered seat

  • Ride on bike lane: No

  • Registration

  • In order to drive this vehicle on public roads, it is required that the vehicle be registered with the Swedish Transport Agency

  • If the vehicle is not to be driven on a public road, this is not required.
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