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Electric scooter M1P citycoco 2000W

Electric scooter M1P citycoco 2000W

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Ride in style with the M1P 2000w Chopper electric scooter

If you're looking for a stylish and powerful way to get around town, look no further than the M1P 2000w Dual Rear Suspension Chopper Electric scooter Citycoco. This electric scooter is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement while getting from point A to point B. Here are three unique subsets of keywords that describe the M1P 2000w Chopper Electric scooter

1-Powerful and efficient
The electric scooter M1P 2000w Chopper packs a punch with its powerful 2000w motor that can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. Not only is it powerful, but it's also efficient with its lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 80km of travel on a single charge. Never again will you have to worry about running out of battery during your commute.

2-Convenient and safe
This chopper electric scooter is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. The dual rear suspension provides a smooth ride even on rough terrain, while the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes give you excellent stopping power. The large and wide seat ensures a comfortable ride, even during long commutes.

3-Stylish and unique
The M1P 2000w Chopper electric scooter is an absolute dream machine for those who want to stand out from the crowd on the roads. With its sleek design and chopper-style handlebars, this is an electric scooter that's guaranteed to turn heads. With ease and elegance, you'll cruise past every other vehicle on the road, and you'll notice how eyes follow you wherever you go.

EEC approved and COC documents ready
The M1P 2000w Chopper Electric scooter is not only powerful and stylish, but it is also EEC approved and comes with a COC document, making it easy for you to register and ride legally. With these documents, you can ride safely and know that your electric scooter meets all safety and environmental regulations.


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Motor: 2000W brushless DC gear motor; [Torque]: 124 Nm maximum engine torque
Speed: up to 45 km/h (maximum speed). Engine brand: QS engine.
Battery: 60V/30Ah lithium battery (1800 Wh), range of 80+ km depending on speed.
Charger: 67.2V~5A fast charger, faster charging time of 4-6 hours.
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
Suspension: Front: Hydraulic shock absorber; Rear: spring steel shock absorbers
Control unit: 60V/55A integrated control unit
Throttle: Three levels of gear throttle in standard mode. Level 1 is the slowest and level 3 is the highest speed.
Display: KM/H HD screen; Engine-like LCD screen with charge indicator, speedometer, odometer, trip meter, throttle level and more.
Lights: Front: Oversized headlight with indicators; Rear: Integrated rear lamp on screen with brake light and indicators.
Support: Power cut-off when the stand is put down.
Tires: 12" straight grain vacuum tubeless tires
Frame: Seamless steel tube; Mudguards: Made of AB material
Net weight: 84 kg; [Gross weight]: 97 kg; [Max Load]: 200kg; [Recommended rider height]: Above 1.38 meters
Recommended tire pressure: Front: 2.3 bar; Rear: 1.5 bar & 2.25 bar.
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