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Smart Digital Door Lock - S-Nordic with App Integration - Silver

Smart Digital Door Lock - S-Nordic with App Integration - Silver

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Welcome to a new era of door security with the S-Nordic Smart Digital door lock from Leenordic. This is not just a lock, it is an intelligent security solution that combines technological innovation and modern design to raise your door security to a new level. The lock housing is included for a complete security solution.

Smart Functions That Provide Security:

  1. Fingerprint : Up to 100 users' fingerprints can be registered for fast and secure access.
  2. Password : Create personal codes to easily open your door.
  3. RFID tags : Use RFID tags for a lightning-fast entrance.
  4. Manual Key : For the traditional moments, a manual key for opening is included.
  5. Smartphone App : With the TT Lock App, you can control and open your door from your smartphone, regardless of where you are. For WIFI control, there is an optional WIFI gateway .
  6. Compatible with: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  7. Apps: Android, Apple and Apple Watch.

TT Lock App Integration:

  • Simple Connection : S-Nordic smart door lock is prepared for easy integration with the TT Lock App, giving you total control over your digital lock.
  • Remote access : Unlock your S-Nordic Smart Digital door lock remotely and share temporary access with guests via eKeys, without monthly fees.
  • Notifications on Your Smartphone : You will receive notifications on your smartphone every time someone opens your door.
  • Add and Remove Users : With the TT Lock App, you can easily add and remove users, giving you complete control over access to your door lock.

Fits most Swedish front doors:

  • Standard Door socket : With a screw depth of 50 mm and standard door socket, the S-Nordic easily fits most Swedish exterior doors.

Extra Features for Your Safety:

  • Built-in Doorbell : The S-Nordic is equipped with a built-in doorbell to let you know when someone is at your door.
  • USB connection for emergency power : On the outside there is a USB connection for emergency power, which provides extra safety and reliability.
  • WiFi bridge included : The WiFi bridge is included in the purchase and gives you easy remote access and control over your door lock.
  • Battery powered : S-Nordic is powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries for convenient and reliable use.
  • Outdoor environment and IP65 rated : the smart door lock is designed to withstand the outdoor environment and is IP65 rated to protect against dust and water.

Features that Impress:

  • High Quality : S-Nordic is manufactured with precision and durability to guarantee long-term use and superior safety.
  • Stylish Design : The modern and elegant design complements all doors and enhances the appearance of your home.
  • Easy Installation : With clear instructions, installation is easy and DIY-friendly.

With the S-Nordic Smart Digital door lock from Leenordic, you get an advanced door security solution that combines intelligence and design to secure your home in a smart and flexible way. Take your door security to the next level today.

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