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Smart Digital door lock - M-Nordic with App Integration - Silver

Smart Digital door lock - M-Nordic with App Integration - Silver

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    Product features for Digital Door Lock Leenordic M-Nordic ( lock housing 5085 )

    Versatile Locking Options

    The smart digital door lock Leenordic M-Nordic offers a variety of opening methods, including fingerprint, code, RFID, Bluetooth, mobile app and mechanical key. This makes Leenordic M-Nordic a flexible option for different door types, such as exterior doors for villas and apartments, as well as doors for offices, warehouses, conference rooms and more.

    Easy access

    Once the Leenordic M-Nordic has been unlocked, you can easily open the door by pressing down on the handle. The door lock's deadbolt and rule slide in to allow for easy opening. If you need to lock the door after closing it, simply pull the handle up. Note that this requires a compatible lock housing, and Leenordic includes the matching lock housing 5085 option.

    Custom Locking

    After closing, the handle on the outside of the door is disconnected, making it impossible to open the lock from the outside without first unlocking it again (automatic locking). It is important to note that this function can be deactivated, for example for residential or office spaces where it is desirable to keep the door unlocked during the day. The handle on the inside of the door is always activated, providing easy exit.

    Convenient mobile app

    The mobile app, which is available for free, allows you to send codes or e-keys with or without time-limited validity, activate passage mode and receive notifications. You can also use the app to program and monitor your Leenordic M-Nordic door lock, including access control, time limitation and monitoring. Optional Wi-Fi controlled gateway for easy connection to the app and use of all digital functions.

    Technical Specifications for Digital Door Lock Leenordic M-Nordic

    • Material: Stainless steel SUS304
    • Temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
    • IP rating: IP65
    • Humidity: 10% - 95%
    • Size (L x W x H) in mm: 303 x 43 x 22.5
    • Weight: 3 kg
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Battery Power: 6 V - 4 x AAA batteries
    • Static current consumption: About 45uA
    • Compatible with: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
    • Apps: Android, Apple and Apple Watch.

    Low battery? Do not worry. Our digital door lock gives an alarm if the battery level is low. You can temporarily charge/connect your lock with a power bank, phone charger or any power source with a micro-USB port. The USB port can also be used for emergency opening from the outside.

    • Reversible handle for right or left
    • Fits door thickness: 35-74 mm

    Package Contents

    Your Leenordic M-Nordic package includes:

    • 1 Leenordic M-Nordic locking part for the outside of the door
    • 1 Leenordic M-Nordic lock part for the inside of the door
    • 1 Lockhouse 5085
    • 1 cylinder
    • 1 end plate
    • 2 mechanical keys
    • 2 RFID cards
    • Matching screws
    • User manual

    Installation of Digital Door Lock Leenordic M-Nordic

    The installation of Leenordic M-Nordic is recommended in combination with lock housing 5085. Leenordic includes this lock housing as a suitable option. Please note that some adjustments may be required in the door depending on the current lock housing.

    Impressive Features:

    • High Quality: M-Nordic is manufactured with precision and durability to guarantee long-term use and superior safety.
    • Elegant Modern Design: The slim and elegant design complements any door and enhances the aesthetics of the home.
    • Easy Installation: Clear instructions make installation easy and suitable for DIY projects.

    Raise the security of your home to a new level with the ultra-slim M-Nordic Smart Digital door lock. It's not just a lock; it is a smart and stylish solution that combines intelligence with design for your security.

    Digital door lock M-Nordic

    Digital door lock M-Nordic
    Digital door lock M-Nordic
    Digital door lock M-Nordic
    Smart lock M Nordic
    Digital door lock M-Nordic
    Digital door lock M-Nordic
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