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Electric bike 1000W Randride YG90 - Powerful MTB

Electric bike 1000W Randride YG90 - Powerful MTB

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Outstanding performance meets exceptional comfort with our new aluminum alloy full suspension electric bike with 1000W motor and SHIMANO 21-speed derailleur. This powerful and reliable bike is designed to take you to new heights and offer a great experience both in the urban environment and on challenging terrain. With a range of impressive features and outstanding performance, this electric bike is the perfect choice for those who seek adventure and freedom.

Advanced and durable aluminum alloy

Premium Aluminum construction

Our electric bike is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy, which provides a light, robust and durable frame. The innovative design offers superior stability and durability while keeping weight down. With this aluminum alloy frame, you get a reliable and smooth riding experience, whether you're navigating through city streets or exploring challenging terrain. Our electric bike is designed to meet the highest quality standards and ensure you get a reliable and long-lasting companion for your adventures.

Outstanding power and speed

Powerful 1000W Motor

With an impressive 1000W motor, our electric bike takes you forward quickly and smoothly. The powerful motor allows you to reach a maximum speed of up to 50 km/h, giving you the freedom to explore more in less time. Whether you want to get to work quickly or discover new places on the weekend, our electric bike will give you the necessary power and speed to make your trip efficient and exciting.

Versatile and smooth switching

SHIMANO 21-speed Derailleur

With our electric bike, you get smooth and reliable shifting with the SHIMANO 21-speed derailleur. This high-performance gear mechanism allows you to adjust your speed and pedaling intensity according to the terrain and your preferences. Whether you need fast gears to tackle steep hills or smoother gears to cruise the city streets, our SHIMANO derailleur will give you precise and reliable shifting every time. Explore new roads and experience a seamless and comfortable driving experience with our high-quality gear mechanism.

Product specifications:

  • Frame material: Aluminum alloy
  • Frame: Full suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Motor: 1000W for powerful performance and fast acceleration
  • Gear system: SHIMANO 21-speed derailleur for smooth and reliable shifting
  • Maximum speed: Up to 50 km/h for fast and exciting adventures
  • Battery capacity: Lithium battery with DC48V17AH for long range
  • Battery placement: At the bottom of the frame for a balanced weight and stability
  • Charging time: Less than 3 hours for fast and efficient charging
  • Control unit: Smart integrated control unit for easy handling and control
  • Braking system: SHIMANO hydraulic brakes for reliable and responsive braking
  • Shock absorbers: HLT shock absorbers (150mm, 850lbs) for a smooth and comfortable ride even on uneven terrain
  • Front Fork: Aluminum alloy front fork with opening and locking function for adapted terrain handling
  • Tires: CST tires in size 27.5"*2.4" for grip and stability in various conditions
  • Rim: Aluminum alloy 27.5-inch rim for durability and reliable performance
  • Max load capacity: Up to 180 kg for carrying heavy loads or luggage
  • Riding modes: Option to choose between Throttle mode, Pedal Assist mode or a combination of both for increased flexibility and comfort

Electric bike YG90 1000w
Electric bike YG90 1000w
Electric bike YG90 1000w
Electric bike YG90 1000w
Electric bike YG90 1000w
Electric bike YG90 1000w
Electric bike YG90 1000w
Electric bike YG90 1000w
Electric bike YG90 1000w
Electric bike YG90 1000w
Electric bike YG90 1000w
Electric bike YG90 1000w
Electric bike YG90 1000w
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