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Chic-Nordic Digital Door Lock

Chic-Nordic Digital Door Lock

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Chic-Nordic Digital Door Lock - Elegance in Security

Chic-Nordic Digital Door Lock is your key to both security and sophistication. With our digital door lock, you can easily and securely protect your property with several advanced access options. Our digital door lock gives you control, comfort and style, all in one.

Elegance in Access Control

With the Chic-Nordic Digital Door Lock, you have access to a variety of ways to unlock your door. Choose between fingerprint, code, RFID, Bluetooth, mobile app or mechanical key. This flexible digital door lock is designed to fit perfectly on different door types, from villa and apartment doors to office doors, conference rooms and more.

Smooth Installation

The installation of the Chic-Nordic Digital Door Lock is simple and smooth, and our clear instructions will help you quickly get your door lock in place. You have the option to adjust the location of the handle to your liking - to the left or right. Chic-Nordic fits doors with a thickness of 35-55 mm, making it a versatile and convenient solution.

Control in Your Hand

With our free mobile app, you have full control over your Chic-Nordic Digital Door Lock. You can easily monitor lock activities, share temporary codes or e-keys with visitors, caregivers, tenants, guests and more. The app is compatible with Android 4.3 and iOS 7.0 or later.

  • Compatible with: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Apps: Android, Apple and Apple Watch.

Remote opening via the App

With the help of our smart lock app and G2 Gateway (Optional), you can easily open your door regardless of where you are. It also provides better remote management of user codes, cards and e-keys as well as instant access to unlock logs.

Emergency Battery Backup

Chic-Nordic Digital Door Lock warns you when the battery level is low. If you find yourself in a low battery situation, you can temporarily charge the lock with a power bank, cell phone charger, or other power source with a micro-USB port. The USB port can also be used for emergency opening from the outside.

Water resistant design

Chic-Nordic is designed to withstand tough weather conditions. The aluminum alloy lock panel, acrylic touch screen and stainless steel (304#) handle provide increased durability and reliability.

Warranty and Support

With the Chic-Nordic Digital Door Lock, you not only get security, but also a one-year warranty and lifetime free technical support. If you encounter any problems, our support team is ready to help you.

Chic-Nordic Digital Door Lock combines security with elegance and is the ultimate solution to protect your home or office. Welcome to a new era of safety and style with Chic-Nordic.

Package Contents

Your Chic-Nordic Digital Door Lock package includes everything you need for smooth installation and use:

  1. 1 piece Chic-Nordic Digital Door lock part for the outside of your door
  2. 1 piece Chic-Nordic Digital Door lock part for the inside of your door
  3. 1 pc Lock housing 5085 for perfect fit
  4. 1 end plate for increased flexibility
  5. 2 mechanical keys for traditional access
  6. 2 RFID cards for easy and convenient use
  7. All necessary screws for a smooth installation
  8. A comprehensive user manual that guides you through installation and use

With the Chic-Nordic Digital Door Lock, you get a complete package for an immediate upgrade of your security and convenience.

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