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Experience the freedom with a powerful MTB electric bike 750W


MTB electric bike with powerful Bafang motor and generous battery capacity has taken the cycling world by storm. Let's explore what makes this electric bike so special.

The Bafang motor - Power and Reliability

The Bafang motor is a high-quality and reliable motor that is tailored for electric bikes. With an output of 750 watts and a voltage of 48 volts, it offers powerful performance and high speeds. This allows the cyclist to master steep slopes and accelerate quickly on flat roads.

Electric bike 750W

Battery capacity for Long Adventures

With an impressive battery capacity of 20 Ah from Samsung, this electric bike provides an impressive range. This means that the cyclist can go on long adventures without fear of the battery running out. The battery is also of the highest quality and reliability, which minimizes downtime and ensures a smooth driving experience.

Robust Construction for Tough Terrain

A typical MTB electric bike equipped with this motor and battery has a robust frame and high-quality components. This makes the electric bike durable and capable of tackling demanding terrain and challenging jumps. The built-in suspension is also of great importance in providing a smooth driving experience on uneven and rocky paths.

Environmentally friendly transport

One of the most beneficial aspects of an MTB electric bike is its contribution to a more environmentally friendly transport solution. By choosing an electric bicycle instead of a traditional bicycle or car, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus contribute to a better environment.

Regulations and Terms of Use

It is important to be aware that an MTB electric bike with a powerful motor and large battery may be subject to special rules and regulations. It is necessary to check the local regulations to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations for using such an electric bicycle on public roads or trails.


To summarize, an MTB electric bike with a 48V 750W Bafang motor and a generous 20 Ah battery capacity from Samsung is an impressive electric bike with high performance, long range and a robust construction. It offers an excellent transport solution for adventurous cyclists who enjoy challenging terrain or for those who simply seek fast and environmentally friendly transport.

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Electric bike 750W

Powerful Engine for Challenging Terrain

With a powerful 750W Bafang motor, this MTB electric bike is ideal for mastering tough terrain and tackling steep slopes. It also delivers impressive speed on flat stretches.

Long Range for Longer Trips

With its generous battery capacity of 20Ah from Samsung, this electric bike allows you to ride longer distances without worrying about battery drain.

Robust Construction for Durability

This electric bike has a stable and reliable frame and high-quality components that can handle demanding terrain and jumps. The suspension provides a smooth driving experience even on uneven and rocky paths.

Environmentally friendly and healthy

Choosing an electric bike as this option instead of a conventional bike or car not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Fast and Comfortable Transport

Using an electric bike like this makes it easy to get around short distances and avoid traffic jams and parking problems. In addition, it is a cost-effective alternative to using a car or public transport.

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